Yo everyone!

So, you want some personal lewd art for YOU! ey?


(For a Limited time)


The base price is starting at $5.00 so you can at least receive a generic sketch.

PYP is, you send me a certain amount of money of your choice, and I will pretty much draw accordingly.

Be mindful, that all the examples showed, took me at least a whole day to finish. If you wanna enjoy more of my drawings be sure to check out Zakfortress.com

Thank you for your time, and please show this to your friends because I really need the exposure to get more commissions! Thank you!

*No mechs, Gore, or Extreme Fetishes (Vore, Scat, Death, ect. [Handholding is fine])

NSFW is fine, Hell, it’s preferable

If you’re interested or have any questions please email me at admin@zakfortress.com and ill get back to you as soon as I can.

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Have a great day.